So many pictures of (mostly) young people using an app to make themselves look older. The irony of this is immense given the way society still ignores the issues facing an aging population.

Instead of making you look superficially like an elderly person how about a real experience. One where employment becomes much harder, yet living expenses stay at similar levels. Where you become invisible or where your retirement age is constantly nudged backwards. Or where you feel no different but everyone starts to make negative assumptions. That is only the start and every study I see just confirms what a mess we are in and that worse is coming!

The need for government and business to acknowledge the ever louder ticking of this time bomb has never been greater and is rapidly getting worse. Even more worrying is the lack of debate about any part of the issue.

So as you are sharing/receiving/viewing the latest FaceApp picture have a little think about what aging really means.

Ageism is thankfully receiving ever more coverage but our attitudes to what Ageing means and even more imporortantly what Ageing well looks like have a long way to go. If this is something your business woudkl like to find out more about please contact me to discuss further