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Loved pretty much all sports for as long as I can remember, a childhood fully of Daley Thompson winning medals galore, John McEnroe shaking Tennis up and the then mysterious and exciting world of European football with St Etienne and Borussia Monchengladbach in European Cup finals.

An arthritis scare in my early 40s curtailed all my efforts and the impact was profound. The thought of not being able to do any of the sports I loved was a massive blow that had a huge impact on me and an early glimpse into what I thought at the time was a dark tunnel to getting older

Thankfully acupuncture/physio/rest and some common sense have raised my aim and I’m more now more active than I was in my 30s. The current pandemic and lockdown has actually increased my fitness levels as I have cycled more and become a slave to the seemingly nice but really quite evil Joe Wicks. I’m still no Iron Man and in fact distance running/poor technique and weight probably contributed to my earlier arthritic scare. It was one of the sparks behind Greyafro and the start of an obsession with ageing well so not a total disaster.

Two things in 2020 have reinforced my belief that Sport/Leisure really is the next battle ground in the anti-Ageism agenda (and I’m excluding Covid).

I created a whoop group for over 50s athletes interested in sharing/discussing what their stats meant. Is my RHR (resting heart rate) a sign of impending doom? No simple answers but in a couple of days very clear I’d hit on something. A flurry of enquiries from all over the world and the start of something hopefully really interesting. Fitbit has a group of 65k+users tagged as Fit Seniors, that title misses the mark for me in a lot of ways, but the number involved is pretty telling.    

I then shared an old but pretty great article from the Washington Post about starting running over 50. I asked if people could share inspiring stories of athletic endeavour above the age of 50. Well that went crazy and I have had some incredible stories shared which I’m going to profile in future blogs. There are some inspiring stories of people taking up sport comparatively late and excelling through to those more “normal” stories of people just keeping going and reaping huge benefits.

This got me back onto the issue of how the sports business represents older athletes of any variety & level.  I’m still a much bigger spender on sportswear than I’d care to admit or add up. Over the years golf clubs/trainers/tennis racquets/fitness trackers/memberships I have spent a lot of money and had a great amount of value. That isn’t going to stop anytime soon and in fact will only change when I’m physically unable to participate. So why is the messaging /advertising I see so far removed from this reality.

Not expecting the focus to be entirely on older athletes rather being worked into the promotional mix. At the minute I buy inspite of the promotion not because of it and I’m not alone – think I can highlight where the problem might be:

Exhibit A Fitness AI driven apps – perfect for middle aged men like me that want advice when I want it so I can use at the gym/work out at home when quiet and the Love Island style muscle men aren’t there. But what do I get? This: 


Yup over 45 excluded and at 40 you are covering up! I know what the many female sports enthusiats I know would say to that and I can only agree with them. (In the interests of balance, I haven’t done the same for women and frankly am scared to look). I did make contact with the people behind this app to offer help but am still waiting for a response.

Exhibit B

I’m a Nike lover – they make most of my favourite Football teams kits (Chelsea, England and Eintracht Frankfurt) I have bought their tennis and running and fitness stuff in steady levels for years and years. Yet whilst their approach to diversity in some ways is evident and to be applauded Age doesn’t appear to have hit the mark. If I log into their lovely app I can see lots 20/30s but at my age I’m clearly not of interest! Nike 2020 Reflects the continued challenge of Ageism which has been more exposed by the pandemic.

Exhibit C

The positive side – check out your roads on a Saturday or Sunday morning (pre Covid and every day now) early on. The cycling boom is clear to see men and women on likely very very expensive bikes with trackers galore and sparkly clingy kit tearing through the streets. Link this to the running boom (check out your local park run and post covid the number of people taking their daily exercise as a run).

Much more on this topic to come but for now I’m really interested in more examples of sportswear brands actively promoting/supporting older athletes. And Nike if you want a very average model for a post covid Tennis campaign just say the word – if you think an inverted Nadal you would be bang on the money. Pretty sure you will be finalising your 2021 (replanning around now so what a chance given the Pro calendar is currently suspended but we can play in the UK)

I’d love to hear more about sporting endeavour from anyone older – it does not have to be in the lights out category I’m really keen to hear about anyone starting out and the benefits it has for isolation/mental health and wider physical well-being. Even more so given the tough time we have been living through and the increased need to encourage our nation to take better care of itself – you only get one chance (and for now at least one body) so best make the best of it.

Thanks for reading

If you’d like to get in touch you can reach me at and on all the main social media platforms. I’m available to help businesses unlock the potential of talking to older consumers.


Great song or subtle call to action for the growing army of over 50s fitness enthusiasts? I’m one of this group and have long been frustrated by (my perceived) lack of acknowledgment that people over 50 are actively participating in pretty much every sport you can think of.

Many over 50s take health and keeping fit incredibly seriously. In one of my last blogs I talked a bit about prevention and how that could become a thing in future linked in particular to fitness tech. An ageing population is only going to see this trend increase and splinter into some other paths. I have resolved to join in this conversation and try to help nudge things along by highlighting and talking about this particular theme in relation to ageing. I’m going to share a series of blogs (and maybe a video or two) on this topic over the coming weeks & months.

Thought I’d start with a gentle warm up looking at the most basic side of things. What are some of the popular ways of achieving these goals – based on what I see there are a multitude of ways but highlighting a few that stand out to me:

Running & Walking

The fitness device boom and the cult of 10,000 steps has undoubtedly assisted here. For the most competitive groups the challenge of keeping up with and beating your friends prove pretty motivational as well as weight loss and the benefit of being out in the (hopefully) fresh air. 

At the other end and in the spirt of its never too late there is a combo of Nordic walking and competitive distance running – first marathon/beat your 10k PB or heading off on a great adventure. Or if you are me getting back on the track for sprint training and the booming Masters Athletics scene. Never understood why there hasn’t been an athletics sprint training-based fitness craze yet. Focus on warm up and short sharp bursts of activity? Must be a winner surely – HIIT training 2.0?

Yoga & Pilates

Flexibility and core strength drive these opportunities. Posture improvement feeling calmer and better body awareness? You are in the right place. In my unscientific poll of people, I know these areas continue to be huge. Not a lot to dislike and for the stronger willed you could do both in a hot room to amplify the experience Hot Yoga should be experienced by everyone at least once!

In some of my social media exchanges the number of over 50s (particularly women) actively participating was unsurprisingly huge. In one of my many rather unscientific studies I am no longer the only man in my Pilates class – hopefully a sign that more men are realising the benefits and starting to get involved.


Often and wrongly seen as an elitist pastime there is a heap more to Tennis than meets the eye and a reason you will see so many courts filling up in the daytime in particular. You can make it as intense and or physical as you’d like and there is a very healthy social element to it – moving in all directions and the need to apply strategy mean this is good for the brain and the body. Cardio Tennis for some is the answer a workout wrapped around crunching forehands and backhands!


Swimming ticks multiple boxes – cardiovascular workout and depending on the stroke you do working a variety of muscle groups. A relatively small amount of time regularly can make a huge difference. You could even go wild and get into water polo (not for the faint hearted) and or something like aqua aerobics or the ever more popular cold-water swimming.

Gym/Functional Fitness

A massive catch all and despite gym advertising this January having a distinctly youthful feel this is hugely popular amongst the over50s. The benefits of resistance training and lifting weights are well documented and hopefully as more people keep doing it from their younger years will be proven to be beneficial in helping these athletes to age well.

Link this to the military fitness cross fit/lets all meet in a park and train activities and you have quite a movement. These activities also strike me as having very strong inter-generational benefits and are more based around participation rather than being wildly competitive in the beginning at least.

Walking Football

New on the block and forgive an unwanted hint of male bias (shouldn’t be as this is open to all) Perfect for those who used to play and still want the camaraderie even if a 30-yard screamer feels like a distant memory. I think aimed more at those for who mobility is becoming an issue (might be wrong in fairness)

Everything Else (A lot) 

There is so much more in this space Golf/cycling/martial arts/ballet it could go on for ages. The breadth of activities is no surprise what is remarkably telling is how little advertising/communication/products are built and designed for this group. The amount spent on memberships/equipment is already huge and could be even more if only it were understood/encouraged!

And Finally…

If any of this has got you thinking please do get in touch – I’m really friendly and very keen to hear more at all ends of the spectrum be it the inspiring story of twitter legend IronGranny or starting something much lower key for the first time in later life.

If you happen to be a Whoop user over 50 I have set up a team (group) for those of us over 50 to share performance data – Experience Rocks once the numbers get a bit higher I will also activate a dedicated Facebook group. I can tell you that there are some people at all levels of over 50 doing some incredible things!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog if you have comments and sharing much appreciated – I’ll be doing more on this topic over the coming weeks the research has been a blast so really looking forward to sharing. 

I’m a Marketing consultant focused on all things over 50s helping businesses target and communicate with mature audiences. If you or someone you know would like to find out more, please get in touch